See the future
through our frames!


Framing innovation
Matrix Frame is revolutionizing what it means
to put print on display. Our frames house eye-catching textile banners that are much more convenient to ship, store, and swap out than traditional prints. Each lightweight aluminum frame is engineered for both flexibility and longevity—easily assembling yet able to
support countless banners over its lifetime.
But the innovation doesn’t stop there.
Whether serving as a room divider, decoration display, or information wall, there is a Matrix frame for every purpose! Our extensive product line caters to all manner of spaces, including home, office, trade show, and retail environments.
Behind the frames
The creative vision and technical expertise of our founder, André America, infuses every Matrix Frame with equal parts art and science. See for yourself by checking out our showcase, assembly video, and user manual on the site.
Based in the Netherlands, Matrix Frame is making waves worldwide—in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North America.
Our U.S. branch, Matrix Frame USA LLC,
is headquartered in North Carolina.
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Thursday, February 13


For the fourth time in the Olympic History the pedestal belongs to one country, the Kingdom of the Netherlands from the House of Orange! As small as we are, we are the most successful speed skating country at the Olympics, but also trading is a strong quality of the Dutch.